A natural calmness spreads through your body…

In your positioning and in your marketing in general, it’s best to lead with outcomes/results rather than inputs.

Quick example: do you need some ionic magnesium citrate?

No?… What’s that? You have no freaking idea what you would do with ionic magnesium citrate?

How about this?


In the world of natural medicine, magnesium is believed to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

The product pictured above has elevated this core benefit–the main outcome of using the product–to the product’s actual name.

That’s a great example of leading with outcomes or results rather than inputs. The input is ionic magnesium citrate. The outcome/result is a more calm feeling in your nervous system.

Or maybe in your case the input is expertise in Node.js and React.

What’s the outcome you can create with those inputs?

That’s where you need to make a positioning choice, because those inputs could produce millions of possible outcomes. It’s your choice about where to focus your expertise–combined with the expertise itself–that determines what the specific outcome is.

And that specific outcome should be the focus of your marketing, or at least it should be how you open the conversation with each online prospect.

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