Want to stop competing against every other developer?

Positioning is the answer.

I've been there too: taking any client with a pulse and a checkbook. Competing on price, reducing estimates to win work, and relying on referrals or chance meetings at networking events to bring me business.

In other words, I was not in control of my business. I was fully dependent on forces that were outside my control. Of course, this led directly to a feast/famine dynamic that ruled my business until I started doing things differently.

The thing that helped free me from this trap was positioning, the process of becoming clear who I would serve, what expensive problem I would solve for them, and how I would do so differently than others.

This clarity put me in control of my business. I was now able to speak directly to a specific type of client, which made my value proposition more convincing. I was able to talk about painful problems they have, which made them act with more urgency when it came to hiring me. I was talking about one specific reason to work with me, which made me far more memorable both for potential clients and for those who might refer me to their business contacts.

The positioning process was so revolutionary for my business that I turned it into a book. The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms walks you through how you can do this too. It will help you...

Charge higher rates and be more selective about who you work with.

Positioning your business will help you reduce or even eliminate the alternatives to hiring you and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

There are other excellent books on positioning out there. But, The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms is the only one with step-by-step instructions, worksheets, and actionable guidance designed specifically for software developers and dev shops.

"Best Business Book I've Read in Years"


"The Positioning Manual is the best business book I’ve read in years. It’s #1 on my ‘must read’ list ahead of classics like Value-Based Fees by Alan Weiss, The Trusted Advisor by David Maister, E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, and others.

I use it with all of my coaching students to help solidify their positioning; which is the foundation of my entire coaching engagement. I strongly recommend that any freelancer, solo consultant, or boutique firm owner read and re-read this book."

—Jonathan Stark | Business Coaching for Developers

Yours truly explains what The Positioning Manual is really about:

"Helped Us Feel Ownership of Our Company Again"


"The fear is real. Our business was struggling with almost everything Philip mentions in the book—we felt like we were treading water and operating from a position of weakness with fees… and we needed to make a change.

We felt a lot of hesitation about choosing a niche, but since we read The Positioning Manual,we see our strengths more clearly and we now have a MUCH better plan for growth. We can’t recommend this enough. Frankly, it helped us feel ownership of our company again."

—Kelsey Kreiling

Media and Production | Presence Agency

"TPM Has Changed my Life"


"The Positioning Manual has changed my life. Philip shows you how to quit fearing the ‘niche’, and attract a better client at a better rate."

—Marcus Blankenship

Agency Management Consultant | MarcusBlankenship.com

"My Year Over Year Income is Up $70,000+ (120%+)"


"Since I started focusing on positioning, my year over year income is up $70,000+ (120%+) and my month over month income in January 2015, was up 250% and in May 2015, up 400%+!

When I first heard of The Positioning Manual, I thought “my business is doing fine as-is — why would I want to change my positioning?” Reading this book forced me to challenge my assumptions about the audience I wanted to work with and focus on a specific audience of best buyers for my services.

Since reading The Positioning Manual, the quality of clients I work with has increased, clients have started to seek my out, and I’ve established a foothold as an authority in my space.

I cannot recommend TPM highly enough to any consultant who wants to make more money, work with better clients, or build a reputation for themselves in their space."

—Kai Davis

Coaching for Consultants | kaidavis.com

What You'll Learn in The Positioning Manual

Why Position Your Business?

  • It provides a foundation for your business
  • It makes business development dramatically easier
  • It puts you in a position of strength in rate/fee negotiations
  • It helps your business grow
  • It helps you say no to undesirable work

Why is Positioning Difficult?

  • It brings up The Fear
  • It challenges your sense of personal or business identity
  • It’s mysterious

About "The Fear"

  • Loss Aversion
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Boredom
  • Picking the wrong niche

Understanding the Details

  • How positioning makes your business more desirable
  • Positioning vs. Differentiation
  • Understanding vertical markets
  • Understanding skillsets vs. business problems
  • Understanding that positioning changes and improves over time

Foolproof Positioning Process

  • How to decide who you serve
  • How to decide what to offer your target market
  • Identifying expensive problems within your target market
  • Tools for estimating the size of a target market
  • How to research the competition
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition

Marketing for Your New Position

  • How to use your positioning to set your marketing strategy
  • Spoken vs. Print marketing
  • Creating a positioning statement
  • Covering all the bases with your positioning

The Complete Bundle

TPM-complete-bundle v2.3

Buy the book plus 4 valuable implementation guides.

In addition to the book, you'll get PDF, Kindle, & EPUB versions of the following:

TPM Personal-Company Assessment Handbook

This handbook will help you inventory your existing skills, interests, and contacts to learn where your greatest existing strength lies. This will help you reduce the risk of choosing and moving to a new market position.

TPM Market Research Handbook

This handbook will help you understand the market and existing competition in it, again to reduce the risk of moving to a new market position.

TPM Marketing Implementation Handbook

This handbook explains at a high level all the changes you’ll need to make to your marketing to support a new positioning focus.

TPM Troubleshooting Guide

This guide provides advice for dealing with all of the common trouble spots I’ve seen business owners experience as they move to a better market position.

Audio Interviews

The first season of the Consulting Pipeline Podcast is chock full of great stories of generalist moving into narrow market positions, the fears they faced, and how they approached things. I’ve included those interviews here.

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Just The Book

  • Understand what fears to expect
  • Learn how positioning works
  • Step-by-step process & worksheets
  • Checklist of how to market based on your new position
  • PDF, Kindle, & EPUB versions included

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"We Now Know Who to Talk To in Our Marketing"


"Philip’s advice on positioning has helped us go from flailing and not having a direction in our business to having a very defined target audience. We now know who to talk to in our marketing and what projects to take on (and which to decline!), and as a result get more and better referrals than ever before."

—Travis Northcutt

Online Business Strategist | The Bright Agency

"Reassured Me it Was OK to Say No to The Wrong Kind of Clients"


"Yes, I had quite a bit of anxiety about my positioning. But… I was committed and there was a deeper part of me that was happy to say no to the wrong kind of clients. Reading The Positioning Manual (and working with Philip) reassured me I was doing the right thing. Now, I couldn’t be happier."

—Cheryl Janis

Healthcare Interior Designer | CherylJanisDesigns.com

"I Wish I'd Had This When I Started Out 13 Yrs Ago"


I just read Philip Morgan's The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms. I wish I'd had this when I started out 13 yrs ago.

—Darren Beale

Web Geek and Founder of Siftware.com

"I Was Feeling Lost And Scared About My Business"


"Before discovering Philip’s The Positioning Manual, I was kind of haphazardly offering whatever services I could to whatever potential clients came my way. Because of this, I was feeling lost and scared about my business and future. Reading The Positioning Manual has helped me focus my offerings and now I feel much more confident about my business and the clients I work with. It has revitalized my business. Thank you, Philip!"

—Zack Gilbert

Mobile App Developer, ZackGilbert.com

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About the Author

I’m Philip Morgan and I help technical firms and dev shops generate and close more leads. Unlike other marketers, I use hyper-specific positioning, education-based content marketing, and marketing automation to make that happen.

I love what I do and I want to teach you how to position your business in a way that leads to higher rates and better clients. 

When I started my business I was a generalist and I didn’t really understand who my best clients were. I stumbled my way through self-employment this way for 5 years, nearly losing my shirt in the process.

A colleague introduced me to the concept of positioning, and it changed everything for me.

I started to get the kind of clients I wanted, not just the ones I met by chance at networking events. Even better, I started to be able to turn down clients I knew would not work out or would make for an unhappy relationship.

My marketing efforts actually started to work. People began joining my list, and I started to become known as the go-to person for my chosen specialty.

After breaking through my own positioning challenges and helping many others do the same, I decided to write a book about this important subject.

I didn't want to write another general book on positioning. That's already been done by others. Instead, I wanted to help people like myself. People with:

  • A technical background
  • lot of different interests and passions
  • The ability to do many things well

Positioning is hard for people like that because you could do so many things well. How do you choose? This book provides the process for finding out. No other marketing or positioning book on the market is written for developers and technical agencies.

In addition to this book, I also podcast weekly on my show The Consulting Pipeline Podcast, which has been featured in iTunes’s top best new business and marketing category. I live in Sebastopol, California with my wife and our red heeler Malcolm, who always wakes up with a big smile.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at philip@philipmorganconsulting.com