CPP 144: Stephen Warley on Working For Yourself

It’s not the *best* summary of this episode, but it might be the most interesting: Stephen Warley of Life Skills That Matter talks about running weird businesses. We talk about a lot more — including how Stephen built a 2-sided marketplace that sold training to the broadcast industry and generated ~$600k/year in revenue. This interview was originally livestreamed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXvmJkXf_lc) and has been converted to audio for this podcast.

CPP 143: Jay Clouse of Freelancing School on… Relationships! (The Business Kind)

Jay Clouse is a writer, host of Creative Elements, and the creator of Freelancing School. He is also the founder of Unreal Collective, a community for creatives. We had a surprisingly delightful conversation. I’m not surprised because I suspect anything about Jay, just that it’s rare to encounter someone in the advice-to-freelancers game with such a refreshingly simple approach to cultivating new opportunity. Listen for more details. This interview was originally livestreamed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mETk6w4_IwU) and converted to audio here.

CPP 141: The Product *Is* The Marketing

What if marketing wasn’t an extra job; what if it was bundled with the service delivery? What if the service delivery itself was the marketing?

CPP 139: Bizdev on 4chan

I think I’m going to have to try this Twitch thing because there’s something unique and valuable in the context it creates. Something I suspect more of us are hungry for.
A bullshit-free zone.

CPP 137: Platform = Power = Responsibility

Going about your life and doing what you can to help those you encounter who might be in distress and then going on about your life again isn’t enough when you have an audience.
Being the custodian of an audience brings with it additional responsibility. We need to think about this.