Thought Leadership Coaching

If you’d like to establish yourself as a thought leader within your niche/specialized market and you want to work with an empathetic but critical coach to support that effort, I might be your guy.

My process for prospects goes like this:

  1. You use this form to book a meeting time with me:
  2. As part of completing that form, I ask some open-ended questions about where you are in your career and what you’re trying to bring to your market.
  3. If you seem like a fit, we meet at the appointed time. If, based on your answers to those questions, I have doubts about my ability to help you, we’ll chat about it over email and decide whether or not to keep the appointment.

Given the dynamism of the Internet and the fact that many of you are working within open systems, I believe that a lot of things can work to build thought leadership. That said, I do come at things from a particular perspective.

In short form:

In longer form: