Blair Enns’ brand colosseum

A brand colosseum sells people something they want and offers them something bigger to buy into.

Blair Enns is a friend. He’s built a business I admire, and one that I think reflects the brand colosseum structure.

Blair extends an invitation to his market: you can transcend the pain you feel while selling and arrive at a place where you skillfully and compassionately use the power and value of your expertise to control the sales process and maximize the profitability of your business. Blair would have a more eloquent way to say this, of course. This aspiration lies at the center of his brand colosseum.

The products and services in the outer ring all support and relate to the central transformative promise. They are: an inspiring manifesto, a how-to manual, talks, and bundled & un-bundled training offerings that motivate and equip aspirants for their journey of transformation.

Buying in to the idea that you can master selling creative services motivates the often-difficult work of change, and Blair’s ring of commerce provides a variety of useful support in that transformation. His products and services are the only ones on the market that fully embody his unique perspective, making them the best options to support your progress towards the aspiration you’ve bought into.

This interview with Blair Enns is relevant here. At that time I had not yet developed the brand colosseum metaphor, but you can hear in Blair’s voice the care he has for someone suffering the experience of selling being painful but necessary.

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