Buying vs. buying into

There are things I buy, and there are things I buy into.

Many things can be bought for some price. Our houses are full of them.

Buy-in is different. I buy into things that cannot be bought for any amount of money, or have no price tag in the first place.

I am bought into the idea that I can be successfully self-employed for the rest of my life. That thing — again, an idea — is not for sale anywhere at any price.

You are almost certainly bought into ideas too. And methods. And points of view. And aspirations. And cultures.

Our minds and hearts are full of things we have bought into.

Businesses offer both things you can buy (products/services) and things you can buy into (“I’m helping the environment”, “I deserve this”, etc.)

I want to explore this buy/buy-in distinction because I think it gets to the heart of what it is to build an indie consulting brand.

And so I will cowpath my way around this idea here on Colosseum in the 3 months to come.

I’ll leave you with this question: what have you bought into? Tomorrow I’ll suggest some specific categories of ideas we can buy into and invite your discussion via the pop-up forum.


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