Chris Ferdinandi’s brand colosseum

A brand colosseum offers a way to show up in the world and sells the skills and gear that enable this way of being.

Chris Ferdinandi is a friend, and has built a business I admire.

At the center of Chris’ brand colosseum is the idea that you can write performant, accessible Javascript code without relying on heavy frameworks like React, VueJS, and the like. To the non-developers in the room, the appeal may not be immediately apparent, but to lots of developers who have struggled with the complexity and cruft of Javascript frameworks, they understand and respond positively to what Chris is inviting them into.

In the mid-90’s, I became fascinated with ultralight backpacking. The experiential difference between hauling 40 pounds of gear and food and 20 pounds — enabled by expensive, specialist ultralight gear — is transformative. If ultralight backpacking is a movement, the movement probably started with this book by Ray Jardine.

My recollection of Ray’s book is that it had a fair bit of information on DIY-ing ultralight gear. Before you knew it, the company GoLite was selling factory-built ultralight backpacking gear. GoLite became one of several companies that moved into the ring of commerce around this idea of ultralight backpacking.

Back to Chris: his ring of commerce includes training, a workshop, and coaching. Everything you can buy in his ring of commerce helps build the skills that enable being a developer who can be productive with framework-less Javascript.

This conversation with Chris might be of interest:


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