David Baker’s brand colosseum

A brand colosseum offers something to be a part of to be a part of and sells a way to earn membership in that something.

David C. Baker is a friend, and has built a business I admire.

While David has a powerful personal brand, he offers something bigger for his market — small to mid-sized creative and digital agencies — to buy into. That something-bigger is the idea that your business decisions matter more than the excellence of your agency’s work. Expressed differently: the work is probably good enough; the next frontier for growth is in business decisionmaking.

This is a potentially polarizing idea. There are plenty of folks in the world who might feel bashful saying it, but they definitely act as if “do great work and riches will follow” is a reliable path to success. These folks will be challenged by the shift in focus that David invites them to buy into.

Those who have bought into this idea might feel that they have earned membership in a society of “real” or “elite” business owners — ones who get it and act accordingly.

The ring of commerce in David’s business contains several books, 1-day and 2-day seminars, consulting services that focus on key moments in his clients business lifecycle, licensed IP, and at least one “back-end offer” he sells to his clients.

These offers are all pretty tightly coupled to the central idea that it’s about your decisions as a business owner.

Whether this design was intentional or not seems secondary to the fact that it’s easy to say in 1 sentence what David’s business is about. What it’s for.

This conversation with David may be of interest: https://philipmorganconsulting.com/podcast/tsme-147-david-c-baker/

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