I have learned that the secret to chopping kindling is choosing logs that want to become kindling.

You want those dry, lightweight logs that are just waiting to pop into 2 parts when you hit them with the hatchet. Yes, you want a sharp blade to chop with. Yes, there are fun gadgets that can make the job safer and easier.

But mostly, when you’re eyeing that stack of logs, you want to pull ones that are dry, lightweight, and just itching to pop into kindling when you whack em.

When we think about building out a ring of commerce to support and complement the thing at the center of the brand colosseum, this mindset matters. I think.

What services or products are:

  • Easy to sell?
  • Easy for clients to buy?
  • Easy for clients to discover?

These services/products also need to be coherent with the thing at the center of the ring of commerce.


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