Person in service of idea and ultimately brand

Are ideas meant to serve people, or are people meant to serve ideas?

At the individual wellbeing level, I think ideas are meant to serve people.

But if you extend that hierarchy into marketing, I think it makes for bad marketing. I think in marketing, and brand-building, it works better for most of us if we imagine that people serve ideas.

Yes, we get to pick the idea(s) we serve. We have free will and autonomy, but if we make our choice and then volunteer our services to the right idea, we can build a brand for our business.

I find this idea of the person working in service of an idea to be an ideal approach to brand-building.

I must admit, however, that this would not be ideal for some. The “guru stars” would find their best advantage, which is their personal charisma, left lying on the bench. For them, ideas in service of person works better.

But for the rest of us — and believe me it’s a vast swath of the world I’m talking about — I think the person-in-service-of-idea is a much better route to brand building because it gives us the necessary permission to be well-intentioned but imperfect. To be humble but bold. To promote but in a spirit of service rather than ego.


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