Vibrating Palm

In Thomas Pynchon’s Vineland, the character DL Chastain learns and uses the Vibrating Palm Ninja Death Touch, which kills its victim one year after application. She gets close enough to her victim to use this technique by dressing as a Japanese schoolgirl and seducing him into sex.

Having done my time in the Oregon and California hippie-new age scenes, I can tell you nothing captures the vibe — not the specifics but the vibe of these scenes — better than Vineland, though the majority of Andre Gregory’s performance in My Dinner With Andre is a close second.


Delayed effect: is there some idea, ideal, aspiration, or method that you’ve been exposed to but had a delayed effect? Some time needed to pass before you could buy into it?

Or maybe you vehemently rejected it on first exposure then came around to it later?

That was my response to fixed pricing. I said to my business partner at the time, “fixed pricing just guarantees that somebody gets screwed”.

I later bought into the idea of fixed pricing and now it’s been — jeez I don’t know how long, close to a decade maybe — since I’ve charged hourly for anything. It’s been a complete and total buy-in for me.

It’s interesting to map out the journey from ignoring or rejecting an idea to buying into it. I think this teaches us something about marketing.


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