What can you buy into?

Here’s my tentative list of the kind of things you can buy into:

  • Philosophy
  • Culture
  • POV
  • Ideals
  • Identity
  • Shared aspiration
  • Distinctive method

I worry the list is overly granular, but that very granularity does get us thinking in specifics, which is valuable.

If your business offers people something to buy into, does it matter if that something-to-buy-into is an identity or a culture or a shared aspiration? I’m not sure it does, but if you were trying to get more clear about what idea you’d like others to buy into, then having a really granular list of lots of different, subtly-different kinds of ideas might be useful as an ideation tool, right? Each subtly different item on the list might raise the probability that you find the cognitive lily pad that is just one jump away from a breakthrough in your thinking.

I’m not trying to ask a leading question here; I’m genuinely not sure quite how to talk about this “something to buy into” thing.

Sometimes I phrase it as: something bigger to buy into.

Bigger than what? Well, bigger than you or me. Bigger than one person.

Also, bigger as in “more important than”. More important than whether you buy my services or not. More important than me as an individual human being trying to make a living with my little solo business. More important than one business’s livelihood.

Anyway, what have you bought into? If you feel like sharing and discussing, head over here: https://indieexperts.freeflarum.com/d/4-buy-in

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