Where does the center of the colosseum come from?

I’ve described some brand colosseum examples. My list is necessarily biased because I’ll only comment on businesses I’ve been following for a while. This question emerges: where does that central organizing idea come from?

When I’ve seen someone promote an idea to the center of their brand colosseum, I’ve seen it come from one of the following sources:

  1. The prevailing best practice fails their clients and they want something better for them. They’re willing to take a stab at importing+localizing, adapting, or inventing something better.
  2. They’ve seen a few superstar performer businesses benefit from an idea but they’d like more businesses to benefit from it. They’re willing to evangelize the idea to the uninformed or hesitant.

Maaaaybe there are a few funky edge cases that don’t fit the 2 patterns above, and you’ve got somebody cackling “This market needs an enema mwoohahaha” and doing some will-to-power shit that actually works, but mostly I think our power to help our clients comes from combining focused expertise with a genuine desire to serve their best interest, and so the 2 patterns above seem to cover all the genuine-service-of-client-best-interest brand colosseums I’ve studied. Anyway!

I think many of us can have long, happy, fulfilling careers without ever adopting or inventing an idea that’s worthy of being the center of a brand colosseum.

Others of us seem unable to do anything other than seek this kind of idea and then labor to invite others to buy into it.

As I’ve written elsewhere, the world is a big beautiful place that accommodates or outright supports many ways of making a living. I’d never insist that we all conform to this brand colosseum notion.

But! The mistake I hope we don’t make: conflating the relative rarity of brand colosseum-worthy ideas with the notion that we have to be special or exceptional or anointed in some way to build our own brand colosseum.

Just because brand colosseum-worthy ideas are rare does not mean we can’t import, adapt, evangelize, or invent one ourselves.


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