I offer consulting and coaching services.



I do consulting work with small to mid-size professional services firms, marketing firms, and dev shops, but my approach is not a traditional consulting approach. It’s more accurate to think of it as facilitated decision making, or a hybrid of coaching and consulting.


Poorly implemented decisions are just as bad as fundamentally flawed decisions, so I help my consulting clients take full ownership of the decision from beginning to end. I guide you through a decision making and implementation process that will result in this kind of ownership, which means you do more legwork than you would with a traditional consulting engagement.

If you’re looking for an engagement that looks like fast-turnaround discovery -> analysis -> recommendations -> lightweight implementation support, or are looking for help with the financial management of your firm or M&A support, you can’t find a better consultant than David Baker, and you should reach out to him because he’s a better fit for those needs: https://www.davidcbaker.com/consulting

My services might be a better fit in the following situations:

  • Multi-stakeholder environments where the team hasn’t reached agreement on a strategic direction for the business (positioning).
  • Leadership needs to respond to a changing market and doesn’t have a clear, obvious direction (strategy).
  • Leadership wants the benefits of focus, but finds fear or indecision interfering.
  • You want to develop a real thought leadership program in house and want high touch, ongoing guidance and support.
  • You want to commercialize IP but have only the raw material and a rough idea of how and you want high touch ongoing guidance and support.

These engagements involve a lot of handholding, and are priced accordingly, typically starting at $30,000.

I don’t ask for testimonials from consulting clients, but sometimes they offer unsolicited testimonials. This client published one to their email list: /wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Philip-Morgan-Consulting-Mail-Remember-that-the-sun-rose-clear.pdf



My coaching helps early-stage experts build a brand, formalize IP, or make a strategic shift in the marketplace.

In cases when the fit is right, the ROI is life-changing.

I usually need a budget of >= $2,800/mo to be able to help you, though I do offer 1-off 90-minute calls for $450 if that is what you’re looking for.

You usually need to have unique, valuable skill/expertise for me to create a meaningful amount of value. In the interest of optimizing the risk/opportunity mix of my client portfolio, I sometimes make exceptions to these standards, so do reach out even if it feels like a long-shot.

There are 2 ways I could check for fit with you. 1) Traditional sales call where we talk about coaching, your needs, etc. 2) Just dive into a coaching session, then discuss the fit at the end of that first call. We can do either; let me know your preference.