Positioning and commercializing IP

There are two situations where I can create outsized value and deliver that value through consulting rather than coaching or experiential learning:

  1. You’re having difficulty positioning a SaaS product, have a SaaS product that needs to better harmonize with your company’s services division, or you need more evidence to inform a significant re-positioning in your business.
  2. You have IP you want to commercialize, perhaps as a marketing or lead gen asset, perhaps as a driver of operational efficiencies and profit, perhaps as a signal of expertise, or some combination of those goals.

Positioning Consulting

I bundle the following approaches to aggregate and interpret the evidence you need to inform an important positioning decision:

  • Interviews with happy and churned customers/clients
  • Interviews with relevant SMEs obtained through your network or mine or both
  • Scrappy, creative research on important market factors, often using relevant proxies when primary sources are unavailable or inaccessible
  • Surveys distributed to a highly relevant population
  • Competitive review

Pricing is custom, starting at $15,000, paid before the work begins.

I conduct this research remotely, and aim for a 6-week or shorter turnaround.

I convey status and my findings to you via:

  • Asynchronous video updates
  • A final written report, aiming for 3k words or fewer (length is inversely proportional to utility with these things)
  • A video call where I summarize, discuss, further interpret, and discuss the report
  • (Optionally) A followon knowledge transfer engagement where we meet weekly or every other week to help you implement based on my findings and recommendations

Commercializing IP

I can help you package your firm’s expertise so that it is usable by non-experts.

Like almost all work on complex innovations, this work benefits from a lean, iterative approach. In most cases, we’ll work in 3-month sprints with the following countours:

  • Each sprint begins with an in-person 2-day workshop at your location. In the first sprint, this workshop focuses on assessing your existing IP assets. In subsequent sprints, the workshop focuses on translating learnings from previous sprints into refinements or additional functionality to be designed, built, and tested during the current sprint.
  • We work remotely for the rest of the sprint, which focuses on building out your IP with an emphasis on ending the sprint with something usable. In the case of more expansive IP commercialization projects, it may take multiple sprints to get to this point. Either way, the emphasis is on building and testing for functionality and usability by the end of the sprint or series of sprints.

Remote collaboration usually involves weekly video calls, emails as needed, and ad-hoc calls as needed.

I offer two price options for this service, and I’m happy for you to choose the risk-reward tradeoff that suits you:

  • Option 1: $25,000 per sprint.
  • Option 2: $10,000 per sprint and 3% of any increase in firm revenue for the year following the conclusion of our work.


In late 2018 or early 2019, I made the decision I would no longer publish solicited testimonials for services, and instead I would only publish or call attention to unsolicited, public testimonials or statements about the quality of my work. I'm honored by those who have spoken up in this way:

Some have asked, so: there's nothing inherently wrong with soliciting testimonials, but it's a technique more suited to the early bootstrapping-expertise-phase of a business (or for a products/SaaS business) than the phase where the expertise is more solid and well-known.

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