My consulting services are a good fit when:

  • Senior staff needs to respond to a changing market and doesn’t have a clear, obvious direction (strategy).
  • Senior staff wants the benefits of focus, but finds fear or indecision interfering.
  • You want to develop a real thought leadership program in house and want high touch, ongoing guidance and support.
  • You want to commercialize IP but have only the raw material and a rough idea of how and you want high touch ongoing guidance and support.


1. You let me know you are interested in consulting support using this button:

2. I set up a free ~30m call with you to learn about your needs and determine if I can help.

3. From there, we talk about pricing (starts at $15,000 USD) and process specific to your needs.

I don’t ask for testimonials from consulting clients, but sometimes they offer unsolicited testimonials. This client published one to their email list: /wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Philip-Morgan-Consulting-Mail-Remember-that-the-sun-rose-clear.pdf