My consulting services are optimized for 3 situations:

Build In-House Thought Leadership Program

I coach a subset of your people; they become recognized thought leaders.

Ship A Small-Scale Research Product

I help a subset of your people ship one or more premium research-backed marketing assets; you build internal capacity to do this independently in the future.

CMO Bootstrap

Medium-term temporary CMO for a dev shop or technical agency/consultancy that is ready for a positioning/lead gen level-up; you get comprehensive marketing support without reliance on an agency.

I write and publish case studies that help you understand my consulting methodology, but I don’t ask for testimonials for anything that I sell that costs more than $1,000. Testimonials are insufficiently objective for these higher-priced offerings. Sometimes clients offer unsolicited testimonials anyway. This client published one to their email list: /wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Philip-Morgan-Consulting-Mail-Remember-that-the-sun-rose-clear.pdf