Content Marketing for Development Shops

Content Marketing is one of the best ways to steadily acquire leads for your development shop without the continual spend required by ads or other lead generation efforts.

If you take the wrong approach to content marketing, you’ll waste a lot of time and get no real results.

This crash course teaches you the right way to do content marketing for your development shop.

Chapter 1: The True Purpose of Content Marketing Might Surprise You

I’d like to tell you what the true purpose of content marketing is.
First, you should understand what content marketing is not:

  • A quick win that produces overnight results
  • A band-aid for a broken sales process or other business problem
  • The least expensive marketing channel


Chapter 2: The #1 Problem With Content Marketing

Unlike other methods of acquiring leads, content marketing works 24×7 on your behalf, years into the future. It is (usually) published on a platform you control and fuels a marketing funnel that you own and benefit from over the years. It quietly and steadily builds trust and generates leads without you doing anything after it’s published.

But there is a problem with content marketing.


Chapter 3: The Success is in the Plan

Knowing who you want your content marketing to reach is very important. I personally spent months writing blog articles that no one wanted to read because they lacked clarity about who they were meant to reach, so I can tell you from personal experience it doesn’t work.

A content marketing plan will help define who you are trying to reach and how you will reach them.


Chapter 4: The #1 Job of Your Content Marketing

The #3 job of your content marketing is to help prospects understand if you’re the right fit by showing what it’s like to work with you.

The #2 job of your content marketing is to increase familiarity by appearing regularly in front of your prospects.

This chapter talks about the #1 job of your content marketing.


Chapter 5: More Content, Less Writer’s Block

Done right, content marketing begins to attract clients to you, lowering your cost of new client acquisition.

But, content marketing requires that you create… content. Most folks automatically think writing when they think about creating educational content.

This chapter has some ideas to help.