Core Skills Workshops

Experiential learning for independent consultants.

These workshops support independent consultants

The path to really thriving as an independent consultant often looks like this:

  1. You specialize.
  2. You learn how to move beyond referrals and repeat business to generating your own leads.
  3. You start to increase profitability, often by packaging and pricing your services rather than billing hourly.
  4. You start to cultivate a point of view so that — even if you’re in market with strong competitors — you stand out from your competition in a meaningful way.
  5. You invest some of that profitability into more expensive but impactful brand marketing.
  6. Finally, you might invest some of that profitability into primary research that leads to truly unique intellectual property, which further increases profitability.

For some of these stages of the journey, I have really great 8-week online workshops. For others (basic lead generation and pricing), I refer you to others who have better educational offerings than I’m positioned to create.

My workshops are designed with this philosophy:

  1. Any educational offering I sell must be based on principles that work well within the context of a differentiated, profitable, expertise-driven services business.
  2. The learning must be experiential in nature. No passive learning allowed; participants must finish the workshop having practiced new skills in a challenging but supportive environment.

Workshop Format

All workshops happen online, with weekly meetings held using Zoom. They all use a hybrid approach blending pre-recorded video content, hands-on homework and experiential learning, a Slack channel, and live realtime meetings where your participation is expected and enough structure is provided to make it comfortable for extraverts and introverts to participate fully.

Most workshops last 2 months. Most are limited to 20 participants each.

Most workshops cost $700 per person.

I reserve 4 seats in each workshop for reduced-price or free scholarships.

Workshop Curriculum

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