Core Skills Workshops

Supporting implementors who want to grow into advisors.

Current Workshops

Specialization Workshop (Foundations Level)

You can’t steer a parked car. This 8-week workshop on specialization helps you experience that initial feeling of traction with specialization.

Point of View Workshop (Intermediate Level)

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These workshops support implementors who want to grow into advisors

To build a differentiated, profitable, expertise-driven services business, we all have to answer the following 7 questions:

  1. Who will you focus on serving?
  2. What optimization or transformation will you create for them?
  3. How will you become visible to them?
  4. How will you earn their trust?
  5. How will they take the first paid or unpaid-but-skin-in-the-game action towards working with you?
  6. How will you monetize your work with them?
  7. Will they join and/or interact with a larger community/tribe you lead or participate in, either before, after, or during your engagement with them?

And then we need to implement our answer to these questions effectively within our business.

I’m sorry to have to say this, but many of the current educational offerings that purport to help you answer these questions and implement your answers do so in a deeply compromised way:

  • Perhaps they teach you to adopt tools that work OK to sell superfluous products to bored people and attempt to use them to sell expertise-driven services to demanding business buyers.
  • Perhaps they run you through a high volume online course cattle chute and wish you good luck in implementing a new set of skills on your own.
  • Or perhaps they help you implement a system that worked once for the teacher with no care for whether that system fits you, your personality, your expertise, and your clients.

My answer to these problems is based on 2 imperatives:

  1. Any educational offering I sell must be based on principles that work broadly and well within the context of a differentiated, profitable, expertise-driven services business.
  2. The learning must be experiential in nature. Participants must finish the workshop having practiced new skills in a challenging but supportive environment.

That’s the essence of the thinking behind the Core Skills Workshops I offer.

Two Tracks

There are 10 Core Skills workshops, and 2 tracks.

  • Fundamentals track: These target the basics you’ll need to bootstrap an expertise-driven services business.
  • Intermediate track: These help those who have expertise and some business momentum take those assets to a next level.

Here are the workshops:


  • There is one workshop that could be helpful no matter what your level of business maturity. That’s the Any-Level Community-Building Workshop
  • There is one item that is a seminar, not a workshop, which means it does not make use of experiental learning. That is the basic lead generation seminar.

Workshop Format

All workshops happen online, with weekly meetings held using Zoom. They all use a hybrid approach blending pre-recorded video content, hands-on homework and experiential learning, a Slack channel, and live realtime meetings where your participation is expected and enough structure is provided to make it comfortable for extraverts and introverts to participate fully.

Most workshops last 2 months. Most are limited to 20 participants each.

Most workshops cost $700 per person.

I reserve 4 seats in each workshop for reduced-price or free scholarships.

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