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Powerful sports cars

September 25, 2018

Matt Levine has god-like writing skill. Lately I’ve been dazzled with his ability to make the complex topic of finance interesting and funny on an almost daily basis. If you want to learn by immersion, subscribe to his Bloomberg newsletter: He wrote two things that might be interesting to you. On risk-taking behavior, which…



September 24, 2018

This’ll be fun. Say the word “Lamborghini” to yourself right now. What images come to mind? Something like this? Yes, I did Google for “Lamborghini douchebag” in order to locate this for you. My eyes have cancer now but it was worth it. For most of you, I’d bet money the word Lamborghini summons the…


Marketing and the bidet

September 21, 2018

The Spanish bidet is kind of mysterious. The Japanese bidet makes sense to me. You’ve got the water jet apparatus—which… let’s just refer to this as the butt power-washer componentry, because hey, where else am I ever going to get to use that phrase? So on the Japanese bidet you’ve got the butt power-washer componentry…


Why do bad thoughts happen to good people?

September 19, 2018

If you ever catch yourself saying (probably to yourself) a sentence that starts with “I have no business…” I want you to question that thought. Do you really have no business trying to find better clients? Do you really have no business leading a client engagement? Do you really have no business advising on how…


You earn your smiles here

September 18, 2018

Americans give out smiles to strangers very freely. You don’t realize it so much when you’re an American in America, but when you’re an American in Europe, several things become clear. Europeans, by and large, reserve smiles for friends, family, or people who have earned them. You earn a smile by being a customer, or…



September 17, 2018

It’s interesting to notice the role of rules and norms here in Spain. As an American, I wasn’t fully aware of how… improvisational so many aspects of American culture are. I’m already an anxious car driver and an absolutely basket case car passenger. So every time a driver in the US does something slightly contrary…


“Little brown sausages, lying’ in the sand”

September 15, 2018

—🎶— Little brown sausages, lying in the sand I ain’t no extra baby, I’m a leading man Well, my parole officer would be proud of me With my Olds 88 and the devil on a leash —“Goin’ out West” by Tom Waits —🎶— After a 4am wakeup call, cab ride, 45m airplane flight to Ibiza,…



September 14, 2018

So my wife and I are at the market here in Valencia, getting a few snacks for the trip to Formentera tomorrow. She buys some drinking water: Later, back at the hotel, she drinks a big swig of the new drinking water. Then she immediately spits it out. Turns out, it was a bottle of…


Manufacturing is interesting

September 13, 2018

Manufacturing is interesting because, well, it just is, but also because it is the source of so many software development concepts. Things like Lean, for example, borrow lots of concepts from the world of physical manufacturing. BTW, this article on how to design software teams is super interesting: This is also a great example…


Geek in heaven

September 11, 2018

I was a geek in heaven today. My wife and I are in Spain, currently Valencia. This is the fully automated warehouse of the tile manufacturer we visited today: (Full size version of this image: The warehouse storage stacks are integrated into a custom system they developed in-house. It tracks, stores, and retrieves on…