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[PMC] The “sea change home page”

February 21, 2019

I’m always on the lookout for ways to help you avoid looking dumb. Yes, I’m being intentionally snarky. Here’s what I mean: Your website exists somewhere on a continuum running from awkward & ineffective on one end to engaging & effective on the other. If it happens to live close to the awkward & ineffective…


[PMC] It’s like Aggregation Theory

February 20, 2019

Ben Thompson, who writes the excellent Stratechery analysis-as-daily-newsletter, has this thing he calls Aggregation Theory. Aggregation Theory is an idea he’s developed over time, and while I wasn’t tuned in to his newsletter in 2015, he post-facto explains the development of this idea on this page. Ben essentially says a theme kept surfacing across several…


[PMC] Critical skills for an aggregated internet

February 19, 2019

So you say you want more rambly early morning thoughts on the future of lead generation in a highly aggregated Internet? Of course I am more than happy to oblige with the ~20m screencast below: Video link: Link to the mindmap in the screencast: -P


[PMC] Some interesting specialization examples

February 18, 2019

It’s time to clear out my backlog of list member-submitted specialization examples. We shoot bottles. Stephen Lewis sent this one in. Thanks, Stephen! It’s a photography studio that has created a productized service focused on bottles. Booze, cleaning products, and sugar-water, among other things you might have in a bottle of some kind. I’m not…


[PMC Weekend Edition] Back yard ~swimming pool~ roller coaster

February 17, 2019

Back yard swimming pool roller coaster I’ve always had a DIY streak in me. Chalk it up, I suppose, to growing up with a combination of modest economic means and immodest imagination. So this, about a guy who built a roller coaster in his back yard, is like crack for me. I suppose this DIY…


[PMC Weekend Edition] Another video to podcast player workflow

February 16, 2019

A while back I shared my video-to-podcast player workflow. List member Lorenz shared theirs, and gave me permission to share it with you. This workflow has a nice simplicity advantage over mine because it doesn’t require installing more software on your computer: Make a new playlist on Youtube (mine is called “Podcast”) Feed it to…


[PMC] Bob Dylan on ideation

February 15, 2019

Thanks for sending this along, Rowan! It’s Bob Dylan on ideation: Most everything is a knockoff of something else. You could have some monstrous vision, or a perplexing idea that you can’t quite get down, can’t handle the theme. But then you’ll see a newspaper clipping or a billboard sign, or a paragraph from an…


[PMC] This is content marketing

February 14, 2019

THIS is content marketing. What makes this so great is it’s specific and generous. The link above will take you to a long article. The article is specifically for startups seeking angel investors. This is what makes it specific. It’s not just random productivity tips or how to set up your dev environment or really…


[PMC] Skydiving

February 13, 2019

Did I ever tell you about the time I threw up on a skydiving instructor? There was this woman I was trying to impress–Laura. I liked her a lot more than she liked me, and my long difficult failure to turn that imbalanced situation into a relationship taught me half of what I eventually needed…


[PMC] Lars and the Real Girl

February 12, 2019

Have you seen the film Lars and the Real Girl? If not, here’s a quick synopsis, which is important because you maybe could be a lot like the titular character in that film: Lars is painfully shy and socially detached. One day, he orders a life-sized sex doll. Lars appears to his friends and family to…