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[PMC] Product positioning vs. services positioning

November 14, 2018

Well, I sat down to write one of my daily emails and this came tumbling out. I’m curious what y’all think: If you’d really like to understand the idea of positioning, it’s useful to compare positioning in the world of products to positioning in the world of services. They’re both based on the same fundamental…


[PMC] The most overlooked attributes in successful services business entrepreneurs

November 13, 2018

I’m sure I’m not the first to attempt to identify the most overlooked attributes in successful services business entrepreneurs. That won’t stop me from trying anyway 🙂 Here’s my shot at it: A sense of humor, and a willingness to use that sense of humor in your marketing and with clients Persistence Discipline Tolerance for…


[PMC] RE: high growth

November 12, 2018

This was supposed to get mailed out last Thursday, before Friday’s email. Drip’s RSS-to-email rule was sleeping on the job, so this email (and future ones) are headed your way via ConvertKit instead. Yay for email list portability! Anyway… Actually, before I move on to the next interesting part of that Hinge Marketing study, let’s spend…


[PMC] “Marketing impact”

November 9, 2018

Marketing Impact Here’s what that Hinge Marketing study shows about the impact of various marketing techniques for High Growth and No Growth firms: Again, the green bars are High Growth firms (>= 20% revenue growth), the red bars are No Growth firms. What conclusions can we take away from this summation of data? Several, I…


[PMC] “High growth”

November 7, 2018

The chart in yesterday’s email came from Hinge Marketing’s “2017 High Growth Study”, which you can see here: Here’s that chart again: Let’s pick this apart. What do the percentages mean? Let’s start with Hinge’s definition of “high growth”. They define that as “average yearly growth rate of at least 20%”. Let’s translate this…


Specialization = high growth?

November 6, 2018

I’m going to have more to say on this in the coming days, but for now, just check this out: It’s from a study done by Hinge Marketing. Again, more on this in the coming days. -P


[PMC] “Leading Dermatologist Refuses to Offer Dental Treatments”

November 5, 2018

List member Roger Williams sent this to me a while back, and I wanted to share it with you today: It’s written in the style of a press release or mainstream news article. I’m not sure if it ever was released as an actual press release, or it’s just a blog post that looks…


[PMC] You’ve survived!!

November 2, 2018

On our return from Formentera, my wife and I split the trip into segments. That meant spending the night in Ibiza, in what was nearly the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Not the worst one ever. The worst one was a trucker hotel in Asheville, NC. That was the one where I slid open…


[PMC] Finding an expensive problem

November 1, 2018

This interview was a great point by point walkthrough of how you find an expensive problem. I recently spoke to Robert Games about how he discovered a specific expensive problem in a specific market. You can hear Robert sharing the step by step process he used in the latest episode of my podcast: This…


[PMC] Dream client list

October 31, 2018

Do you have a dream client list? If not, I think you might learn a lot by creating one. I’d suggest going for at least 10, as many as 25 companies that you think would make great clients. What will you learn by doing this? Well, for starters, you’ll learn how clear your business strategy…