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[PMC] Continued: The three mental models you didn’t know you needed until you read about them here

April 5, 2019

Quick tophat: I have been suhlackin’on getting you the recording of Ari Zelmanow’s excellent presentation on market reserach from last week. That’s because I want to write about it more extensively, but for those who’ve been waiting for the recording, here it is: (Readin’ time: 6m 11s) Alrighty! Onward to the final two of…


[PMC] The three mental models you didn’t know you needed until you read about them here

April 4, 2019

(Readin’ time: 3m 8s) Shane Parrish over at the Farnam Street blog/community is big on mental models. That’s cool. Here are three mental models that might be useful to you. BMWs and Kias This one is relevant if you sell packaged and pre-priced services, otherwise known as productized services. As part of describing those services,…


[PMC] Pusherman

April 3, 2019

(Readin’ time: 3m 3s) This is an email list I’ve been enjoying a lot lately: It’s for people who run small and very small businesses, and it’s full of thought-provoking stuff on running said small business. If you deal with employees, money, growth, or making business decisions, Brad’s newsletter might be for you. Sign…


[PMC] Three principles for lead generation

April 2, 2019

(Readin’ time: 2m 26s) So in response to my email discussing Elon musk’s new hip-hop career yesterday this happened: Source: This was so weird, I just had to look deeper and try to figure out why this person took the time they did to tweet about this thing that seems completely unrelated to whatever…


[PMC] Waiting for that sick drop

April 1, 2019

(Readin’ time: 3m 38s) I promised you a “blow off some steam” week here on [PMC], and of course my ability to fulfill that promise depends largely on a) wacky shit happening in the world or b) me remembering wacky shit from my life. Fortunately, the world did not disappoint! Matt Levine does not miss…


[PMC Weekend Edition] Trade Journal Cooperative

March 31, 2019

(Readin’ time: 3m 35s) As most of you probably know, I’m a “niche nerd”. And I’ve just discovered something I’m niche-nerding out HARD on: Every quarter they mail you a print copy of a different niche trade journal and it is fascinating. This quarter’s journal was American Funeral Director. And so now, I find…


[PMC Weekend Edition] Doing poet’s work

March 30, 2019

(Readin’ time: 41s) “I couldn’t see, I was blindOff in the corner, doing poet’s workThat’s alright for nowIt was just a dream of your blue eyes” — “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood”, by Destroyer This is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to improve their business: The context is poet’s work, but it’s 100% applicable…


[PMC] Mailbag: A “consultant litmus test”

March 29, 2019

(Readin’ time: 2m 58s) List member Mohan gave me permission to share his delightful response to this previous email about a “consultant litmus test”: It’s not a ridiculous idea. It’s actually kind of easy. I’ll explain by way of an anecdote. (First of all, when we say “consultant”, I’m going to assume that you and…


[PMC] Series: Sales validation

March 28, 2019

Quick tophat: Do you run a small agency or dev shop and need help delivering strategy to your clients? A coaching client has something you might be interested in. Hit REPLY and I’ll connect you with him. No obligation or pressure; you’d merely be exploring an option for partnering with him on strategy using an…


[PMC] Series: Marketing validation

March 27, 2019

(Readin’ time: 4m 12s) OK, we’ve covered the three ideation pathways that can help you generate ideas that fit within a proven specialization framework, and we’ve discussed introspective validation and the first form of extrospective validation–pure research-based validation. Now onward to the second of three extrospective validation approaches. (BTW, if you’re like “what the heck…