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Building Better Outreach Lists

Summary: Building Better Outreach Lists

When it comes to finding ideal clients, there are several extremely useful skills.

This is not a complete list, but for starters:

  • Be able to deliver a persuasive, interesting talk on your subject of expertise
  • Be able to build a list of the right people to talk to at potential ideal clients
  • Be able to inform, entertain, and persuade people through the written word
  • Be able to do good market researchBeing proactive in generating referrals

Of those skills, one shows up in a surprising number of different contexts: Be able to build a list of the right people to talk to at potential ideal clients.

That's why I have come to regard that skill as the "Uber Skill". It provides value to you in so many different situations. Whether it's market research, validating a potential market position, or actually starting to directly market your services to specific clients through outbound marketing, the skill of building a high quality list is paramount.

You can try to outsource this work, but that can often (but not always) be an expensive lesson in how little list-building companies care about quality lists.

So why not watch this Dev Shop Marketing Briefing and learn how to do it yourself?

Kai Davis--the most experienced and skilled outreach consultant I know--speaks about building better outreach lists:

  • Why better (more qualified) lists improve your outreach success
  • Different strategies for building the list
  • Several approaches for finding critical information (ID companies, ID decision makers, find email addresses)
  • How to qualify / clean your list for maximum quality

As usual, I've asked Kai to keep his presentation to a short and information-packed 30 minutes to allow plenty of time for up to 60 minutes of questions.

Kai charges $400 for a 1-hour call. How about getting that level of expert insight into your list-building questions for no money at all?

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