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Jake Jorgovan on LinkedIn Lead Generation for Specialized Dev Shops

Summary: Jake Jorgovan on LinkedIn Lead Generation for Specialized Dev Shops


I'm hosting a Dev Shop Marketing Briefing on the subject of generating leads from LinkedIn.

My guest presenter will be Jake Jorgovan, and he'll be teaching you a way you can generate leads for your services using LinkedIn.

I asked Jake for some details on his presentation and he sent me this:

In this workshop I am going to teach them my entire LinkedIn lead generation process from start to finish. 100% of it, all scripts, messaging and everything.

On average, this is generating between 3-20 meetings per month for most people who use the system. Some customers of my done-for-you serviced Lead Cookie are booking even more than that.

J. booked 4 calls in two weeks and had over 18 additional qualified leads.

Another software development firm I worked with booked 4 calls in their first month while targeting the always-challenging manufacturing industry.

Personally, I booked 11 phone calls and had an additional 19 qualified leads in the first 30 days of this process. Within 60 days I had closed 3 deals.

This is a process anyone can run.
BUT it works best for well niched firms!

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