DYFA Positioning Module Lesson 1 Homework

There is one homework assignment:

  1. Complete the survey below

Please complete this assignment before our second lecture meeting.

@mention me or PM me in the DYFA Slack channel (@philipmorgan) if you have questions.

Assignment 1: The Survey

For your homework this week, I want to help you figure out whether moving to a Vertical Specialist position or a Horizontal Expert position will be better for you.

Please fill out the survey below. When I receive your response I’ll look at your pre-work survey along with this one and make a recommendation about which type of market position I believe is best for you. Assuming my recommendation seems good to you, that’ll be your positioning strategy for the rest of DYFA.

In the Lesson 2 homework you’ll develop a positioning statement, so don’t worry about that quite yet. 🙂

Finally, I know some of these questions are nosy. Sorry about that. They’re need-to-know stuff to help me do a reasonable risk assessment and recommend the best course of action for you, so please provide honest answers that are as accurate as possible. 🙂

This is a multi-page survey. Please only use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the survey to move through it, not the back button on your browser.

All info is confidential to me (Philip Morgan) and DYFA mentors.