DYFA Positioning Module Pre-Work

There are two pre-work assignments:

  1. Write a 2-sentence intro
  2. Complete a survey

Please complete both assignments before our first lecture meeting.

@mention me or PM me in the DYFA Slack channel (@philipmorgan) if you have questions.

Assignment 1: Two-Sentence Intro

Please prepare a 2-sentence intro to use during our first live meeting. Write 1 sentence that expresses the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Where you live
  3. What kind of clients you work with and what you do for them
  4. Your #1 goal for this program

Ex: I'm Philip Morgan and I help custom software developers learn how to get more leads using positioning and sleaze-free marketing. I live in Sebastopol, CA and my #1 goal for this program is to help you develop a better positioning statement for your business.

It’s OK if the sentences are long and not grammatically perfect, but it must be 2 sentences or less. 🙂

Don't share your intro with me now. Save it for our first live meeting.

Assignment 2: The Survey

All info is confidential to me (Philip Morgan) and DYFA mentors.

  • Please use the same email address as when you signed up for DYFA to keep things easily matched. 🙂
  • Ex: A multi-practitioner cosmetic dentistry. They are eager to pay me to build a marketing system that actually works to increase new and repeat visits.
    Ex: A SMB that has inventory management issues. They are eager to pay me to reduce their inventory management costs through custom software.
  • Ex: Website refresh, daycare franchise, increased new customers by 13%
    Ex: Logo project, female athletic apparel, business owner slept better at night
  • Ex: AcmeCorp, difficult to work with
    Ex: WidgetCo, late pay every time
  • Ex: Nothing that I know of 🙁
    Ex: We use an extensive pre-project diagnostic that results in 33% fewer project delays or budget overruns. Few other competitors do this, and as a result we are a better choice.
  • Ex: Nobody 🙁
    Ex: We have three "advocate" clients who refer us and have given us really great case studies. In addition to that, we got some news coverage last year RE: a project we did for the local county.
  • Examples of the kind of inventions I’m talking about:
    * Code libraries or frameworks
    * Proprietary methodologies for diagnosing or prescribing Proprietary datasets
    * Proprietary concepts, processes, or systems you use to produce results for your clients
    * Other things you’ve created that are unique to you/your business. The word proprietary shows up a lot above, but these inventions don’t have to be secret (ex: http://trustvelocity.com), they just have to be yours or closely associated with a small group of which you’re a member (ex: the Agile Manifesto which has 17 now-famous signatories, one of who lives on a goat farm in rural Oregon and remotely coaches Facebook developers for what I’m sure is a PRIMO rate).
    Ex: Nothing 🙁
    Ex: We have a diagnostic approach that I haven't seen other agencies using. I think that might be an invention!
  • Ex: I believe that more frequent communication with clients reduces problems in a project.
    Ex: I believe that design is about process rather than aesthetics.
  • Ex: Pair programming advocates will tell you that it produces better code faster, but what they're not telling you--that I believe is a huge deal--is that only 25% of situations need pair programming. I take a more nuanced approach to this issue and help save my clients money as a result.
    Ex: Content marketing basically sucks. If you need fast results, you should be talking to me about a custom outbound direct mail campaign instead.
  • Ex: One of our developers is a Rails core contributor, making us a better choice for technically demanding or performance-sensitive Rails projects
    Ex: I used to be a high-level manager in the finance industry and know a lot about the inside of that kind of business.
  • Ex: We look for opportunities to re-use code created for other clients and usually shave 20% off the cost of a project as a result
    Ex: We develop an MVP first, which helps us get better feedback and therefore produces a more successful product.
  • Ex: Previous clients have been impressed that we have more than 10 years experience with PHP. They say stuff like "our project is probably going to be easy for you guys..."
    Ex: We get a lot of projects because we have this weird skill in ________ that nobody else seems to have.