Dev Shop Email Marketing Strategy/Quickstart


You would like to use email marketing to sell more of your services with reduced marketing cost without creating boring, forgettable, "me too" newsletters but you freeze up every time you try to get started or you hate your first drafts.


An Email Marketing Strategy or Quickstart package will help you move from uncertainty/stagnation to effective action very quickly.

No matter which option you choose, you'll get:

  1. An assessment of your strengths as they relate to email marketing.
  2. A detailed prescription of how you could translate those strengths into effective email marketing.

If you choose the Strategy option, you'll also get:

  1. Access to a library of templates you can adapt to your situation, to help accelerate your implementation of an email marketing program.
  2. My review and support of your email marketing for 90 days.

If instead you choose the Quickstart option, you'll also get everything above and also:

  1. I'll work with a writer (cost included) to develop any email marketing content you need to bootstrap your email marketing program.
  2. I'll do any setup work needed to set up and integrate your new email marketing campaign.

The Strategy option is best for motivated DIYers who just need a customized plan to help them get started, while the Quickstart option is ideal for someone who lacks the bandwidth to implement on their own.

The Strategy option is $900, and the Quickstart option is $4,500.

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"As a solo-consultant, it's very hard to know where you stand and pinpoint issues. Philip quickly helped me to define my problem and walked me through a simple process to solve my problem. In a few months, I was able to better position myself. I never looked back ever since with tremendous impact on my bottom line."

—Pierre Lechelle, Founder at Startup Friendly