Even I won’t stoop that low…

You’ll often hear me say that having an amazing website design doesn’t really matter.

Of course, I need to bracket a broad claim like that with some caveats…

I was doing some research for a coaching client recently and came across the site below:


This is clearly below the “floor” I would put on acceptable website design. I checked the source code and it was made with Microsoft Frontpage!

I might be punching below the belt here. Maybe this company is doing just fine and doesn’t need a better website. After all, when you criticize without context, you run the risk of looking like a ding-a-ling. 🙂

But for most software developers and most clients, the design of the site above is going to send the wrong message.

On the other end of the spectrum you have over-designed, over-complicated websites. I will concede that for a very small set of potential clients, this is exactly the kind of site you want to create.

If your client is more likely to hire you because you have an expensive office or other signs of being able to spend lavishly–presumably because your company is doing very well–then an expensive-looking website may also contribute to impressing this type of client.

But most of us need a different kind of website. One where the message is: “we have a track record of solving the core problem you are experiencing, and there’s real value in it for you if you’ll give us some more of your attention over time” and the design supports that message without getting in the way.

That’s the kind of website I help you quickly and easily build during the Commodity Prisonbreak bootcamp. I set you up with writing prompts, templates, and an easy process to follow to get from where you are now (if you’re right for this bootcamp what you have right now isn’t really working and you’d like to build something that does) to having a small, effective online marketing funnel for your business.

More details here: http://commodityprisonbreak.com


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