Group Coaching

Group support to help you specialize, generate leads, or cultivate expertise

Group coaching is affordably priced, pay-as-you-go support in a small group, self-paced format:

  • Up to 5 participants per group, two groups to choose between
  • Weekly meetings via, choose Tuesday or Thursday at 10am to 11:30am Mountain time
  • Slack room for discussion between meetings
  • $500/mo charged using MoonClerk and Stripe, stop anytime you want

Here are the larger issues I can help you with in group coaching:

  • A process for making a good specialization decision; one where you move forward with confidence
  • A framework for building effective lead generation habits

Here are some example of specific issues I can help you with in this program:

  • Getting started with email marketing
  • Getting started with marketing, period 🙂
  • Getting started with speaking-as-lead-generation
  • Landing your first advisory services gig
  • Writing and publishing your first digital book

If you need help with any of these issues and the price & group setting make sense for you, I'd be happy to speak to you about fit and--if there's available space--get started helping you.

Please contact me using the form below and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Inquire about Group Coaching

I'm a generalist and need help deciding how to specializeI've specialized and am figuring out how to generate leadsI've figured out lead generation and I'm working on increasing profitabilityI'm focused on more advanced consulting challenges like developing intellectual propertyOther (please explain below)

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Previous participant results

“Helped me Transition From Staff Augmentation Development Work to Consulting Work”

“Gave Me Confidence About Building an Audience”

“Made My Marketing Significantly Easier”

“1 Month in the Program Got Me Set Up For Success”

“Helped Me Clarify Important Business Strategy Questions”


“Was a Great Catalyst for Growth in My Business”


“Helped Me Grow From 1 to 6 Employees”


“Thought This Would Improve My Website, But It Actually Improved My Business”


“Helped Me Launch My Consulting Business”


“I Wasn’t Looking for ‘Group Coaching'”

Honestly this program was a no-brainer for me personally. I had been thinking for about a year that I wanted a narrow niche. You were the first person I found that advocated it and I was immediately sold when I saw you had a group program.

My only hesitation would have been if you had called it group coaching (but you didn’t…you called it a mentorship). That was an important distinction for me. I don’t struggle with motivation, discipline or necessarily need the accountability to implement things (which is what most coaching programs provide). I was looking for feedback, fresh ideas and a consultant. You did make that clear so for that reason I had no hesitation.

Two months in, this is actually happening! By declaring a niche and expertise at least enough to get out there and start interviewing people and evaluating it, I became connected with people in the industry and was offered a recurring consultant job. I’m about to launch a more targeted website and I have lots of specific ideas for marketing and products now that I have a market to focus on.

The regular feedback and perspective on all the ideas that kept emerging so I didn’t get hyper-focused on my original hypothesis and plan. (it did end up changing!)

I liked the format of Slack where I could post my latest development and get your thoughts on it within a day or 2. It kept momentum going.

I liked that you have a background as a marketing writer and can help polish copy so things get sent and done. (I tend to overly obsess about my writing before I hit send)

The group was small enough and it felt very personal. You knew me and my business as well as you would have if it was a one-on-one consultancy.

As far as true measure-able benefits (results!) I’ll let you know in 6 months 🙂 but I can already attribute a $2,000 paycheck from that live event that I wouldn’t have probably been in the position to get if I hadn’t been purposefully researching and declaring my interest in that industry. And I’m on contract to do that same event 4 more times in 2016.

I would absolutely recommend this to others (and I already have!). As a solo business owner it makes things so much simpler and easier. I have a much easier time knowing what marketing to do and what content to create. There’s so much more organization and focus in my business.

Looking forward to coming back and wrangling my content into something manageable! Really love the resource center accountability program you’re putting together.

-Connie Holen, Web Designer for Yoga Professionals


“Wasn’t Sure the Expense Would Produce Tangible Benefits”


I wasn’t sure that the expense of Philip’s mentoring program would produce any tangible benefits to my business. I signed up for 1 month to see…

Three months in, it’s turned out that working on my positioning with Philip has led to a complete shift in the way I think about my business, what I offer, and where I want to go in the future. Together we have developed tactics to define my position, but the real value for me has been the strategic thinking that the process encourages.

The weekly hangouts have been an important part of this process. Sharing the journey with other class-mates helps with accountability, and helps me deal with parts of the positioning process that seem overwhelming.

I’ve actually learned a lot from other business owners in the program and I’d recommend this to people who have some idea of the business that they want to build but who aren’t quite sure of who their customers are, or what they need.

– Keith Devon, WordPress Developer