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Philip Morgan

I just checked my Bear note of ideas for this email list. It stands at 14,662 words.

Some of those ideas have been turned into emails, some await the right timing, and some--like salmon swimming upstream--will never make it. I've got an archived note that has another 6 thousand or so words worth of ideas.

You've seen "Gremlins", the 80's film, right? That's what high frequency publication can be like. Combine daily publication with a small email audience and a point of view and boom, it's like a Gremlin getting wet: ideas for future emails out the wazoo. (Prediction: Hollywood is getting so desperate for 80's films to remake we'll see a remake of Gremlins by Christmas 2021. Travis, I know you're typing /remind in a Slack channel somewhere right now and... I'm cool with that.)

Reaching into the mailbag here, list member Michael (whom I have personally shaken hands and broken bread with) had this to say about the "pride" question (shared with permission):

_ What would cause your buyers to feel a sense of pride in having chosen to work with you/your firm?  I hate this question because I know I should have a clearly defined answer for it and I don't.

Two responses:

  1. Can I share this question with my FB Group of Home Improvement Contractors?

  2. I think my answer would be our process. This is my gut reaction.

We do have a systematic approach to all of our projects from onboarding to launch and beyond. The system helps clients feel protected, educated, sure of their decision, well taken care of and confident in reaching desired outcomes.

Digital agency owners know that outcomes are difficult, at best, to guarantee. They are also the most important components of any project and without reaching desired outcomes the project is ostensibly a failure in the client's eyes.

"We want to be first on Google." "We want to generate leads that are prequalified to work with us."  "We'd like the website to help us increase revenue by 250K by next year."

"We want the website to convert leads to appointments to relieve some pressure from the sales team." These are all valid desired outcomes but there are too many variables that we may not be in control of.

However, if the client allows us to help them by working within our process we eliminate as many of those variables as possible mitigating our risk exposure. We feel better guaranteeing outcomes which makes them feel prideful about hiring us on.

I think having a clear well defined process and working successfully within that process is our best bet in having clients feel a sense of pride in their decision to work with us.

(NOW I HAVE MY ANSWER! - Thanks Philip!!)_

Thanks for sharing that, Michael!

I've also had some success with "writing my way through" problems/questions I don't have a good answer to.

Thanks everyone who sent CPA suggestions. I'm following up some good leads.