Philip Morgan

I'm beginning to care about the town that I live in.This is unusual for me! Over the course of my life, I've lived in 1 US territory, 5 US states, 4 dorm rooms, and at least 23 different houses. Over that many moves, I've cared relatively little about the places I've lived.Until now. :)I feel invested in Sebastopol. Inexplicably, I care if that hotel gets built in that empty lot next to Whole Foods where the tractor supply store used to be. I care that CVS fought tooth and nail to get approval to build an out of scale store where the old abandoned Ford dealership was and then built something very few people here want.This happens when you focus on a market vertical. It could happen to you!You could find yourself inexplicably caring about your clients' businesses, beyond just the scope of writing software for them. You might even find yourself caring about the ups and downs of their industry, and thinking about ways to help them increase their chances of success, again beyond just the scope of writing software for them.I think this broader concern might even enrich your life!-P