A front row seat to overnight success

Philip Morgan

Philip Yurchuk--another member of the elite club of people named Philip spelled with one "l" and member of the even more elite club of this email list--sent me a super interesting response to my question about overnight success.He gave me permission to share it with you, which I have done below.My business is all about helping generalists shortcut the path to sustainable success in self-employment. That's why I'm interested in the timeline to success.I think overnight success stories are interesting, but rare. Most of us need multiple years of steady, often difficult work to get to a point of sustainable success. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.I do have ample evidence that a narrow focus can shortcut the path to success. Even so, it's not a guarantee of overnight success.Anyway, here's Philip Yurchuk's super interesting message:In the art world, I'd say Basquiat. He went from a homeless HS dropout to art world darling pretty quickly. He died at age 27, yet one of his paintings just set an auction record for $110M.__And various amateurs who were discovered as actors or models by powerful people.__Outside the arts, I'd say it's selling something that doesn't exist. Put an idea on Kickstarter, then you hit the lottery when it blows up on Product Hunt, Reddit, Hacker News, or a celebrity tweets about it. Now you have a pile of cash to make it happen and a ton of pre-orders. Tim Ferriss essentially wrote about this via testing AdWords + a landing page to see if your idea has legs. But Kickstarter and Indiegogo are platforms built for just this.__For your techie customers, maybe writing a book does it. It takes a year of your free time, but most get a steady stream of consulting work out of it. However, that's becoming less popular since technical books rarely sell well.------Philip followed up with the caveat that some of these data points are from memory, so some of the claims might be a bit off. Nevertheless, super interesting stuff!-PWant help improving your positioning or marketing? I offer a small group program to help you do exactly that: http://positioningacceleratorprogram.comI work with people 1-on-1. If you're interested in learning more, follow this link: /11-retainer/Know a self-employed software developer who might benefit from specialization? Send 'em this free gift! Details here --> /referrals/