A nice POV example

Philip Morgan

A Point of View is an opinion you can argue for; one that is located in a distinct perspective. This is a nice example:


Part of what makes a point of view a… point of view is some consistency in how you see things. It helps to really lean into the reason(s) you see things the way you do. This causes your writing to come from the same origin point every time.

Part of this consistency is topical focus; you focus your publishing on a single topic or narrow range of topics.

And part of the consistency is that you always seem to be coming from the same place. That could manifest in a zillion different ways. For example:

  • "There's a lot of opinions out there on this. Let's see what the data says…"
  • "There's a lot of opinions out there about this. But I've run over 30 BCG strategy workshops with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and I've seen something different I'd like to talk about now…"
  • "Others will tell you that you need to re-invent how you sell from the ground up. I can help you find 50 to 100% revenue growth in the form of simple optimizations that don't require a risky reinvention of anything."
  • "Vendors are constantly telling you you're doing things wrong and only their expensive solution can fix that. I spent 10 years on the receiving end of that bullshit when I ran marketing for X. I think we need a better way to think about our industry's challenges, and I'd like to talk about that today…"

Every one of those made-up quotes implies a place you're coming from. In order, those "places" are:

  • Data rather than experience
  • Pedigree'd experience rather than more pedistrian forms of experience
  • Optimization rather than transformation
  • The empathetic insider rather than the un-empathetic outsider

It's possible that you're all over the place in terms of where you're coming from, but it's more likely you do see things from a stable, consistent point of view. It's worth reflecting on where you're coming from so that you can lean into what makes your POV distinctive.