A ridiculous amount of confidence

Philip Morgan

Yesterday I forget to include this note from Eric Grubaugh about his "before/after" experience of attending a conference after doing the hard work of choosing a specific audience to focus on and developing a hypothesis about the value he could offer that audience:---_I'm back from my conference now, and I want you to know that going through the Positioning Course and narrowing down to a very specific, focused message gave me a ridiculous amount of confidence. I was able to actively seek out people I might be able to help; I was able to engage in conversation with strangers and explore ways I might be able to help._I am very much an introvert and usually wouldn't engage in such an event that way; normally I would have just gone to the breakout sessions, taken some notes, and gone home. This time, I skipped the breakouts entirely and simply posted on all my relevant channels where I was, what I was doing, and just went around talking and helping.Incredible experience.---In general, clearly defining your business focus lets you move from a reactive posture to a proactive one. Eric's conference experience is a great example of that benefit in action.Imagine having a freaking great answer to the question, "So, what do _you_do?"Maybe The Positioning Course is how you create that answer? There's a simple form you fill out here: /positioning-course/ The form does a pretty good job of helping you know if the course will be a good match for where you are in your business.Talk to you soon,-P