A simple ordered list

Philip Morgan

A simple ordered list can have incredible value.

Imagine that if, unbeknownst to you, someone sabotaged your business by re-arranging your TODO list each day so you focused on un-important tasks instead of important ones. Consider how destructive that would be over the course of several years!

Now imagine that your prospective client is doing that to their own business!

I’m not saying they definitely are, but imagine if they were and a brief call with you could help them see the error in their prioritization of their TODO list.

A simple list that could easily be written on the back of a napkin could dramatically improve their business over the course of several years.

It’s not the length of the list, it’s the quality of the contents (and the thinking behind it) that matters.

If you're not charging clients for your thinking, what's stopping you?

Seriously, what's stopping you? Hit REPLY and unburden yourself if you're so inclined.