A Suggested Interview Question List for Content Marketing Articles

Philip Morgan

I frequently interview my clients in order to produce articles and big 'ole series of educational content that attract leads and build trust.This is the question list I usually use:


  • What do things look like today for the reader that needs the help this article will deliver?
  • Why is the problem this article addresses commonplace?
  • What is the history of the status quo behind the problem this article is addressing?
  • What benefit will the reader get from taking the action this article recommends?
  • If readers took this article's advice to heart & fully implemented it, what would things look like?
  • What resistance would arise for the reader implementing this article's advice?

The Advice

  • What is your advice for solving the problem this article is addressing? Specifically:
  • Where should readers start?
  • What order should they tackle issues in?
  • What should they do at each step?
  • What challenges will arise with each step?
  • When will they know it's time to move to the next step?
  • Are there any resources that readers can use to make each step easier/more successful? Don't forget other articles you've written if they're relevant.


  • Is there any parting advice you'd leave the reader with?
  • Is there any way you like to summarize this issue for people in your work?
  • Are there any next steps in the bigger picture this article leads to?