Another mega-successful startup takes my advice

Philip Morgan

Another day, another mega-successful startup takes my content marketing advice.Yeah, I'm kidding. Baremetrics has probably never heard of me, but they've adopted what I consider a best practice for content marketing.That is the education resource center. Theirs looks like this:ImageThere are three important things going on here.1) Value anchoringBy using the language of higher education (it's not a "blog", it's an "academy"!), Baremetrics is anchoring the value of their content against that of higher education, which tends to price their services at a premium level. When you sit down and think about it, the idea that some free content on the web is worthy of the name "academy" is kind of laughable, but that's the thing about anchoring. Most of us don't pause to think about it, and even if we do it still kind of works.2) It's kind of just a blog, but the navigation is different and betterIf you look at the content closely, you'll see the underlying structure of blog posts, categories, and an index page--all the usual hallmarks of a blog. But the way index page is laid out is different than you tend to see with blogs. It's more oriented towards topics and not at all structured as a time-ordered list of articles.It encourages readers to explore content based on their interest in various sub-topics, and in so doing it projects value. The message is: "this is a comprehensive resource on learning how to start, build and grow your business".3) Content selectionThe most important part of an education resource center is selecting the right topics. That's where the real value to your business is: demonstrating to potential clients that you have valuable expertise.Check out what Baremetrics is doing with their academy here: you have any questions about how you could do the same for your business, let me know. Just email me and ask away!-P