Average but trustworthy

Philip Morgan

If you specialize, you can be completely average and trustworthy.

As with visibility, specialization is an amplifier for your ability to earn trust.

Specialization can make you an insider to your client's world. It won't happen overnight, but specializing accelerates how quickly you can gain the market insight and reputation that makes you read like an insider to your prospects.

Market insight might help you engineer a solution that is particularly well-fitted to your clients needs. In this case, it's not that you are great at earning trust; it’s more that your solution feels trustworthy because of how well engineered it is to solve the need or problem the prospective client has.

And finally, we see some folks who seem incredibly smart about a specific topic and seem to get buyers’ heads nodding along very quickly in a conversation.

In reality, they may not be all that impressive in terms of intelligence or life choices, but when in a conversation with prospective clients, they are able to quickly focus on what's important and problematic to the prospect, and from that conversational beachhead, they are able to build a lot of trust quickly.

Specialization amplifies your ability to earn trust, which increases your ability to get clients to hire you for impactful or transformative projects.

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