Basic geometry

Philip Morgan

People (folks who are interviewing me for podcasts, etc.) often comment on how specific and narrow my positioning is.Here's why that works for me...An extremely narrow angle includes a huge volume if the market is deep enough.This drawing is not to any kind of scale, but it illustrates the point:ImageSee how much more area is included in the shaded section on the right?It's the same angle (or meant to be; I drew this thing by hand so don't get too fastidious about my drawing skills), but it includes a much larger area because the potential market is bigger.When should you go more specific than you currently are?When doing so allows you to create more value for your clients or when doing so allows you to increase your profitability. In other words, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the "how specific should my focus be" question because it depends on lots of things.Want to attract better clients? Identifying a strong market position is step #1.Learn how here: