Bat sheeeeit crazy

Philip Morgan

Picking up the daily email thread again...

List member Anthony talks about being on the receiving end of daily emails (vs. the creation end of things):

--- I've seen the impact of the daily emails from you and Jonathan Stark. Quite simply, I automatically think of you guys and talk about your positions to someone EVERY SINGLE DAY.


In fact, your daily emails make me want others to be on your email lists, so that I can just say to them: "as you saw in today's email ... "


For those who are afraid of the unending commitment to write daily, they could do it as an experiment for just two weeks. And if they're worried that the readers will be annoyed and will unsubscribe, they could segment their list, offering the daily list purely as an option for readers.

I couldn't agree more.

I will add that most people overestimate the potential negative consequences of trying a marketing experiment and therefore let fear keep them from trying something different, bold, or a little bit bat sheeeit crazy.

If you have an email list but aren't emailing it, you fear starting to email it lest you alienate the subscribers who are ignoring you anyway because you're not showing up for them in a meaningful way. Or you fear seeing a few people unsubscribe.

If you have an email list but are already emailing it boring, tepid, clickbait-ey "10 reasons why" articles every so often, you fear increasing your publication frequency because you don't want to alienate the subscribers who are almost certainly ignoring you anyway because you're sending them boring crap. You're not sure you can be interesting or compelling enough to rise above the noise.

If you don't have an email list, you probably fear the idea of having to periodically create something of value to send to your list because it adds to your already-too-long your daily or weekly list TODO list. You don't get started because you can't possibly see how you could sustain an email list anyway.

If you're not trying to reach, connect with, and influence your potential clients with email marketing (and build honest to goodness FANS like Anthony) because of one of those fears above, don't do anything right now.

Seriously, I want you to not take any action about that fear.

Just wait until you can't stand it anymore. Wait until things get to the point where you're saying "SCREW. THIS. CRAP" and you're really ready to go boldly where I and a few others have gone before.

Then let me know you're ready to change how you market your services. I'll still be here, just as eager and willing to help as I am now, and you'll be ready to try something bold or a little bit crazy.

That willingness to try something new is what it's going to take for you to build up a group of fans. People who recommend you to strangers. People who remember you and place you in a category of one in their mind.

You can be a successful freelancer without fans, but oh my goodness is it easier to meet aggressive revenue goals with fans on your side!

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