Becoming known for something

Philip Morgan

List member and previous PAP participant Connie is about 2 years into her specialization journey and had the following to share:------Another result of being well-positioned that I’ve discovered this year is being asked to become a partner / certified expert for industry-related softwares. I’m now an Authorized Squarespace Trainer, Acuity Certified Expert, Interact partner (yes, the quiz software we looked at last year...they approached me because they’re looking to reach more of the wellness industry!) and am in a program to become a MINDBODY Certified Business Consultant (that last one I paid to enroll in the program, but my hope is it is marketing $$ well spent in the long-run.)Maybe generalists have these opportunities too but I think a large part of those relationships have come from the fact that I’m “known for something”. ------I do think generalists sometimes encounter these kinds of opportunities, but specialists can cultivate them and increase the chance of them happening, as Connie has done. The key phrase in what Connie said is "being asked". That's the part that happens much more frequently when you've specialized. As a specialist you get asked/invited to do things that you'd have to pursue proactively as a generalist.If you're struggling with some aspect of specializing, hang in there. It's worth the struggle.Have a great day!