Brownwater rafting

Philip Morgan

My friend Jeremy told me that in college, he and a friend once went rafting in the Knoxville, TN sewer system after a huge rainstorm.I tried to find a picture for you:Knoxvile TN stormwater drailI guess that's what you'd call "brownwater rafting", huh?It's rained a lot here in Northern California this winter.The extra rain has completely torn up the road I live on. The constant movement of even what seem like small amounts of water over the road surface has created tons of potholes in the asphalt.A neighbor installed a hilarious sign next to one of the larger potholes on the road:Tilton LakeThe sign says "TILTON LAKE  NO fishing! NO swimming!"Even though I don't like the new potholes in the road, I'm inspired by moving water's ability to create dramatic change.After all, moving water combined with time and the right geological conditions are what created the Grand Canyon, right?It's possible to create the same kind of dramatic change in your business if you take the "moving water approach", meaning if you do small things regularly for a long period of time.The section of road that got the most damaged by this winter's rains is one where the water descended a long sloping driveway and got concentrated into narrow 3-foot-wide stream where it crossed the roadway. That stream essentially cut the road in half. It actually stripped away all the asphalt and started digging into the gravel roadbed underneath, creating a 2 to 3-foot wide channel that ran the width of the road. Crossing it in my car was like fording a small stream.When you combine focus with moving water and time, that's when the most powerful change happens. Focus is what really created the Grand Canyon.What could focus do for your business? If you'd like some help working through the numerous questions about how to focus your business: to you soon,-P