Bullshit is exhausting

Philip Morgan

So I'm guesting on this really nice dude's podcast and I hear myself say… one of those things. One. of those. things.

One of those things that sounds great to say but afterwards you wonder if it's 100% true.

The host, Peter Benei, was asking about daily publication and had prefaced his question with something nice about how I'm really transparent in my daily emails.

I said, "It's easy to be transparent when you publish daily because publishing bullshit is exhausting; publishing daily is a ton of work so you don't make it unnecessarily harder by adding bullshit." Or something like that -- I'm going from memory here.

It's a fun way to frame an idea, but the unnecessary workload of producing bullshit is not the only reason you'd avoid it. You might avoid it because:

  • You care about your clients
  • You dislike being on the receiving end of bullshit and so you apply the golden rule
  • You're not creative enough to be a good bullshitter, and so you go with the less creative truth instead

Anyway, Peter and I touched on a lot of interesting topics related to specialization and daily publication. Give it a listen if you're so inclined: https://anywhere.consulting/blog/episode14-how-to-position-your-business