Philip Morgan

Sometimes the thing we want is the by-product of doing something we don't want to do.

Being able to articulate a clear, powerful point of view (POV) can be the by-product of publishing a lot.

There are other ways to arrive at a good POV, but I've seen publishing a lot get folks there reliably enough to recommend it.

People say writing is haaaaaard. Bullshit. Digging a 30' french drain in rocky soil by hand is hard. Throwing bales of hay up into a barn in 90/90 heat/humidity is hard. Surviving on minimum wage is hard.

Being willing to be criticized can be hard. Doing zero-immediate-ROI work instead of client work can be hard.

Thinking clearly is also hard, but writing is an easy, pleasant way to cultivate clear original thinking.

Two reminders of this floated by on the feeds this week:

This article, which is incandescent in its intensity and supersaturated with point of view: (h/t DCB)

And this twitter thread:

Is it possible that good marketing is merely the by-product of stuff we don't want to do?