Confidence -- getting your groove back

Philip Morgan

Brad Farris, an advisor to creative firms, once called me a "thought partner", and I kind of love thinking of myself that way. Not exactly a thought leader, but more of a thought partner to those who are serving their market from a position of leadership.

Recently Brad and I were on a call, riffing on ways he might build an evergreen "onramp" for folks who don't know him. He's gone and done it, and I want you to know about what he's just built:

If you've been running an expertise business for a while and the last 18 months have thrown you for a loop, this will help you to find your footing and get your groove back again.

Webinar: “How to Build Confidence that leads to Success” — Click here to sign up: (Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - 4 PM ET / 3 PM CT / 1 PM PT) and a subsequent 5 week cohort to help implement what I'm teaching in the webinar.

This is the fruition of the conversation you and I had about "on-ramps" -- an evergreen topic that many in my market need help with. It's a good opening salvo to start a relationship with folks who don't know me.

Thanks for sharing this with my list, Brad.

Keep building; keep taking risks, y'all