Content Creation *Is* Client Work

Philip Morgan

Several folks nodded their digital heads in agreement with this:

Another way of thinking about this: the content creation is client work, it’s just for clients that haven’t shown up yet and who – because of the content creation work – will be more profitable to serve than if I hadn’t invested in the content.

For this to be true, there’s a pre-requisite condition, which is that you approach content creation in a way that creates value for future clients. That means you do more than just “create a lot of content”. Generally, you do one or more of the following:

  • You use content creation to commoditize your own expertise
  • You orient your content creation towards areas of high uncertainty or high potential for harm, further scoped to areas that are important to your clients

If your content creation work helps move things from higher to lower uncertainty, and from disorder to order, it is the beginnings of advisory work for future clients. This means you can’t just write about obvious stuff, and you can’t just promote your services. You have to explore the unknown and take risks. If you do that kind of exploration and risk-taking in content that is published on the open Internet for anyone to see, it will feel unsafe. That, of course, is part of the deal. Advising clients and seeing someone else implement your advice (and pay the price if any of dozens of things go wrong along the way) doesn't exactly feel safe either. May as well start getting used to that feeling now. Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P