Content matters too

Philip Morgan

Earlier today, I watched Daft Punk's breakup video. In a way, that video is all context; very little content.

It has long scenes like this:

No facial expressions (content), but you feel the emotion of a melancholy gaze and a human connection.

Part of your point of view is defined by where you stand (context). The other part is defined by what you see from there and how you advise your clients as a result (content).

Let's talk content.

You can certainly promote a point of view that is about something your market has figured out already. Nothing wrong with that, but there's nothing right about it either.

I could have this point of view: houses should run on 400 volt direct current electricity.

The world, however, has commoditized 120 volt 50/60 Hertz AC instead. We're using the mental and emotional energy and time that could go into an AC vs. DC debate for other more valuable purposes. It's figured out and commoditized and we're all better off for it.

Save your point of view content for stuff that has not commoditized.

Also, a POV on will-be-commoditized-in-2-to-3-years stuff might not be worth investing in.

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