Contraction in the iOS / macOS conf space

Philip Morgan

This article is interesting: excerpts:The immediate and obvious takeaway is the significant contraction in this space over the last two years. By my count, the US now has only 9 conferences that are exclusively for iOS/macOS developers...I say “only” because it was only about 4 years ago that CocoaConf ran more conferences than this by themselves in a single calendar year. And now, CocoaConf itself is gone; its organizers, the Klein family, run a single annual conference in its place, Swift by Northwest. The remaining conferences are almost entirely held on the coasts in cities like NYC, DC, and of course SF. Only one is in the South, and none are in the Midwest, Texas, or the Southwest.------I'm curious:Do you get consulting work from tech-focused conferences? (let's define consulting as getting paid to provide advice for a client as much as or more than you get paid to write code for them)Do you attend non-technical conferences because you know or bet that you will meet prospective non-technical clients there?Why do you think there are fewer iOS / macOS conferences in the US now than there were a few years ago?-P