Conversational Tics

Philip Morgan

Too many of you undermine your intelligence in conversational settings. I've seen this across all genders. Here's how it usually goes: "SOMETHING SMART, SOMETHING THOUGHTFUL, SOMETHING RELEVANT, but that's just my opinion. I might be wrong." Or... "SOMETHING SMART, SOMETHING THOUGHTFUL, SOMETHING RELEVANT, but THING THAT DIRECTLY UNDERMINES WHAT YOU JUST SAID." Here's an easy self-improvement exercise. Whenever you're in a conversation, pay extra attention to the last thing you say in a statement. Pay attention to the end. Do you say something that weakens or dilutes your point? Do you undermine your own credibility or authority? If you're gonna do it, I've noticed the end of a statement is where you'll tend to smuggle the self-undermining part. You're too smart, too thoughtful, and too generous to reduce the impact of what you say by doing this. So pay attention. And then cut it out! -P

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