Cultivating expertise

Philip Morgan

Something interesting happens when you challenge yourself to publish something of value every day you work.

You figure out where the superficial parts of your expertise end and the uniquely valuable stuff begins. The formulate thinking that can become thought leadership. You embrace the perspective that can become your recognized point of view.

I host a small-group program that begins with this challenge:

Publish something of value on the Internet every day you work for 3 months.

I have just opened registration for a new Expertise Incubator cohort, which begins the second week of January, 2022. As a reminder, I only open new cohorts about two times a year.

There are five seats per cohort (2 already taken), so if you are interested, and now feels like the right time, don't wait. To secure your seat:

  1. Use this link below to leave a $100 deposit (eligible for PPP discount/scholarship). This offsets the price of your first month in TEI by $100 and guarantees you a seat in the next cohort:
  2. Two weeks before the next cohort starts (the last week of December, 2021), I’ll contact you with a Doodle scheduling poll to figure out a meeting time that works for you and the rest of your cohort, and set up ongoing payment.
  3. I’ll also send out instructions for setting up your low-friction publication infrastructure for the daily publication challenge, and a link where you can schedule a screensharing session if you need help with this part of things.

If you have questions, please let me know. If you had a great year and want a tax deduction, I can take pre-payment for one or more quarters of TEI.