Curation -> ROI

Philip Morgan

Events Of Note

Liston Witherill’s ClientCon speaker series is wrapping up this week, and you can catch a few more live talks if you want: Or, you can use that same URL to get access to all the previous talk recordings. I’ve long believed that the best business investment out there is… you. Me. Ourselves. I know what’s holding my business’s performance back right now, and it’s not COVID or the remote location I choose to live in or which political party holds power or what kind of computer I use. It’s me and my ability to create value within a changing context. Or, my inability to do so. There are lots of ways to move from inability to ability, and investing in ourselves through learning is one way. The Internet has supplied us with such a surplus of volume and access when it comes to learning experiences that the main challenge is not supply, it’s curation. When the cost of something is $0, then the ROI is dictated by how much return you get from the time and effort it takes to find, consume, and unlock the personal value of information. That’s why curation is now so critical. I think Liston has done a good job of curating his talk series: If you really, really… really commit to the cowpaths -> roads idea, then at some point the cowpath you are pursuing will feel like it’s headed straight for a cliff. You’ll wonder if you’re on the cusp of a significant innovation, or on the cusp of complete irrelevance to your market (and a complete loss of reader/subscriber value in what you’re publishing). During this Friday’s TEI Talk, we’ll explore this fear and the very real tension that underlies it. Details: All the talks from the recent MapCamp 2020 event are available here: Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P