"Daniel says it's the best place that he's ever seen"

Philip Morgan

Do any members of this here list live in Spain--specifically Barcelona or Valencia--and might be interested in meeting up with your humble list proprietor between September 8 and 12?

I will probably be jet-lagged, disheveled, and disorganized, but it would be fun to connect with any list members I can while on this trip.

My wife's corporate sponsor rather unexpectedly invited her over for a factory visit in Valencia and so I'm tagging along for the business part and then we'll tack on an extra week of downtime in Mallorca.

Like Elton John (and Will Oldham in his fascinating cover with Tortoise) sings, "They say Spain is pretty, though I've never been."

If you live in Barcelona or Valencia and might be interested in a meetup during the time I'm there, hit REPLY and we'll see what could happen.

Again, the joint Will Oldham/Tortoise cover of Daniel is fascinating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvWwpmESJP8 I uncharacteristically agree with Pitchfork that that entire album underperforms the artists' potential, but I really enjoy their cover of Daniel.