Danielle talks about having a "thing" to promote

Philip Morgan

I've had the privilege of helping Danielle--who is a member of my email list--with her specialization decision making process.Danielle's not a paying client, she's simply taken advantage of the fact that this work is my mission in life and so I'll do what I can to help anyone who reaches out to me for help with deciding how to specialize.I think Danielle and I have had maybe a half dozen email exchanges about her process of moving away from calling herself a generalist video production freelancer and into something more specialized.She has done the often-difficult work of examining different ways she could specialize. For her, defining a service offering that looks a lot like a productized consulting offering has been a hugely significant step forward in her process.In Danielle's own words (shared with permission):------_Long time no talky, hope this message finds you well. This email about having the "thing" to promote resonated with me. Now I finally understand it.__Over the past few months, a new offering evolved from my video work, and from my heart. I'm now creating Family Legacy Films (in addition, for now, to my commercial work.) These are personal legacy films that give individuals and families the opportunity to share values and wisdom with their descendants after their death.__Here's part of my "pitch":_1. Wouldn't you like to pass along your values in addition to your valuables? 2. No matter how clear your memories of someone, when they're on the screen in front of you, there's an incomparable difference.__Right now, I'm focusing mainly on older folks or those with a terminal illness. But eventually, I'll be attracting people (and pets) in all stages of life.__All of your advice is informing my marketing but more importantly, I GET it now.__I GET the feeling of promoting a "thing" rather than myself.__I also GET how specializing makes it so much easier to promote the "thing" because the audience is crystal clear.__Also, my own emotional-value-worthiness-in-my-head stuff is removed from the equation.__My promotion for these films is not directly to the individuals and families themselves, but to the organizations and service providers with whom they interact. My outreach list includes financial advisors, estate planners, probate attorneys, elder care centers, retirement communities, etc. I've received a groundswell of support from these organizations and they want to help me to offer this service to their clients, patients, and residents.__Wow, it's amazing how specializing makes marketing so much more intuitive and to be frank, easier. Easy in that I know WHO to tell, because I know who and how to help. I no longer feel like I'm shouting from the rooftops only to fall on deaf ears.__There's a 3-minute video in my email signature if you'd like to hear the backstory of how this came about. I warn you, many who watch it are moved to tears. There's mention of losing Tallie in there and since it's not even been a year since Malcom's passing you may be sensitive to that. But I'll let you decide.__Thanks again for your daily emails. You're doing the good work!------The video Danielle mentioned is on this here page: https://scratchmademedia.com/legacy/#mywhy It's well worth 3 minutes of your time if you would like to see a vivid example of what it looks like to promote a productized service rather than try to figure out how to promote yourself.I could spend a whole week breaking down for you what Danielle is doing right in that video.To begin with, she uses a compelling story to connect with her audience. She shifts the focus to the value of her service offering. Not how awesome her video-ing skills are, but how awesome the right kind of video can be in the right kind of situation.Anyway, I'm not going to go deeper than to tell you this video and the page it's on are really good examples of how specialization and productization can make it significantly easier to connect and build trust with your ideal clients.-PPS - Was I moved to tears by that video? I ain't saying... ;)